Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My dearest lockett,

today you are 1 year old. i cannot believe how quickly the time has flown by. it seems like yesterday we were told you had to be delivered a month early. we were so worried about you. we prayed alot and God gave us a wonderful, healthy, strong boy. this year you have learned so much. you have learned to feed yourself, crawl, pull yourself up, and some sign language.(you know how to say "more" and "all done!"). your favorite words are momma, daddy, ball, monkey (-your favorite stuffed animal who is stinky and a bit gross but you love him dearly), hi, and bye.
you have brought us tremendous joy and tons of laughter. you are so laid back, easy going, and are always game for whatever (or wherever) we are up to.
we celebrated your birthday at Nina and SuperD's. we had birthday presents and a cake. you were so tired by the time we got the cake out that you got angry and cried because cake got on your fingers and never actually ate any of your own birthday cake! :)
you share your birthday with your dad. we celebrated his birthday also. he got steaks, grilled stuffed onions, and a german chocolate cake for his birthday. he loves sharing his birthday with you. he always says, "i got the best birthday present. i got a son."
lock, happy birthday. you are very special to us and we look forward to many years together.

Monday, July 6, 2009

my march...

today i spoke to a very close friend of mine who had a bad mom day. she has started potty training her daughter and is on about day 4. and oh how i feel her pain. i am not sure why she called me though. i have nothing -no advise whatsoever- to offer anyone in this area.

though, i do believe i deserve a medal. or maybe a sash (kinda like a beauty queen one), or maybe a badge. a certificate in the very, very least. not because i was so successful that i should write a book, but because i have the stamina of a stinkin penguin!

why a penguin you ask?? then you didnt see March of the Penguins. those animals are serious! walking all that way for months starving to death. so determined. so isolated.

659 days. thats how long we potty trained. 659. six hundred. fifty. nine. of the longest hardest days of my life. for those who've never potty trained it is unexplainable how potty training can wear you out, and absolutely devastate everything in its path. (carpet, sofas, beds, moms, dads, siblings,....)

its funny. one day you are fine with wiping poop off a bottom, cooing, playing with the baby on the changing table. then magically, one day, the genius decision is made to put hokey, disney-themed, over-priced, underwear on them and suddenly, poop- not so funny anymore.

i have never cried so hard, prayed so long, or been so utterly lost for a solution in all my life. trust me.. therapy, counselors, camp, grandparent drop off, and hired help- all seriously considered.

so friends and family, i now, (Lord, please dont let me regret this) declare, my almost 4 year old is.......POTTY TRAINED.


for those in the midst of the march, hang on. there is an end. i offer no solutions, only the prayer of mom who fully understands the heartache, frustration, fury, and tears.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

we give it a 9.5

our vacation this year was one of our absolute favorites.

we've been gone a month. we left for new york june 3 to see tims parents and play music. new york was fabulous and the buffalo wings up there, are well, the best. (wings n more has got it for the south but up there, the anchor bar and duffs. wow)
we got to see Niagara falls (this time with tim AND aaron!), went to the zoo, we made day trips to canada (gorgeous!) and with dale and kathy keeping the kids, tim and i got to go on a few dates!

we left buffalo new york and drove through the finger lakes region, through ithaca, stopped at taughnanook falls, then albany and onto portland maine.

we met up with aaron (again) and the merrimans, and drove on to bar harbor maine. we rented a three story house, everyone had a room and it was in the center of town. it was wonderful! BUT the whole three story thing. Alright, by nature i am clumsy. thats been recorded and documented. however, i took it to a new level. i fell down the stairs 5 times. ouch. i pretty much lived on advil and everyone has their own diagnosis. depth perception, vision, blackouts, tiny strokes, and according to aaron, i just need to watch a video on how stairs are climbed. :)

we hiked all over acadia national park, went to sand beach, collected sea glass (and harris found an expensive knife!), shopped, ate, and had so much fun.

when we tried to fly home all air traffic had been grounded in newark so we sat in a tiny airplane with both CRAZY boys for 3 hours and ended up stuck on newark. we spent the night with no luggage, on our own dime (customer service. HA!).

we are home and dang the heat here! but we definitely had a wonderful time. here is a LENGTHY slide show but there are some great pictures!