Monday, October 18, 2010

Finally- The Studio

We recently moved and the house we bought had a detached "pool house". only, the pool is long gone. It was then converted by the previously owners to a "sound proof music studio". we love having a sound proof place for band practices but we knew it would need to be multi-functional. So we set out to do a "small, easy, quick" conversion to a music studio/ guest house. Easy right? nope. we added plumbing for the bathroom and kitchenette- that was a HUGE hurdle. we painted every inch of that studio- including the floors. We were on a VERY tight budget so we repurposed/reused/reclaimed everything we ended up with in the guest house. The kitchen cabinets came from my great grandmothers house in Louisinna that was falling down, the counter top in the kitchen is an old door, the chalkboard I made from an old window, the funky fruit drawer kitchen piece was an old hardware cabinet from craigslist, the headboard a $5 door tim converted for the bed, everything else was garage sale/craigslist/thrift store purchases.

Here are the pictures: there are only a few "befores"...

and this is a slideshow of the boys for the grandparents who couldnt care less about the studio and just want MORE PICTURES OF THE BOYS! :)