Thursday, March 17, 2011

whoa momma!

I do not like photos of me. I avoid being photographed. its because Im native american and itll steal my soul. its definitely not because every picture i see of myself causes an involuntary gag reflex.

So, unless you are my father in law with his stern voice on (hes a picture taking crazy man) you'll be hard pressed to get me to stand still long enough for a picture.

and that being said, the RAREST of all photos of me is the pregnant photo. there are a FEW floating around on facebook that my vindictive sisters post and tag me in. I remove the tags, they replace the tag....whatever. they think its funny. i think it steals me AND the baby's soul. :)

But i do realize this is my last pregnancy and i started this blog as a memoir for my family and kids so after alot of groaning and crying i decided Id post one pregnant picture for all my very distant family (your welcome dale!) and i also realize that one day ill look back and these photos will be the "gosh I was so young!" pictures.

I also want to encourage my pregnant friends out there. When you think you've heard every inconceivable comment about your pregnancy, consider these whoppers Ive had to smile gracefully through:

-what??! april 6th!! but youre enormous!
-well, I guess as long as you feel good it doesnt matter how you look.
-are you sure it isnt twins??!
-well, arent you a full load!

here's 36 weeks pregnant:

just a few short weeks left. :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011


I have some amazing friends.

I am about to have a baby girl. I know. a girl. Im getting more and more used to the idea.

Saturday my friends threw me a shower and I was really blown away by all the gifts. It was supposed to be a DIAPER shower, but my friends brought diapers AND gifts.

I feel so very blessed. and so very humbled. and grateful.

here are the cards that were attached to the gifts. I put them on a painted canvass and framed it. I like the idea that as Cora grows, on her wall she will see that there were lots of people excited about her arrival and anxious to meet her.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

please excuse our mess.....we're currently under construction.

I love my boys. I love my boys. I love my boys.

no, I am not trying to convince myself, its really true but there are days when I just want to hide. My boys were given to me by God for so many reasons, the one I am sharing about today is reason #7. to keep me humble.

my boys take it upon themselves to daily hand me my dose of humility.

when i was *youngER* and baby-less I would see moms in the super market, or at church, or at the doctor's office and I would mentally make a list of everything they should do to improve their lives and the lives of their children. man, i had an answer to it all.

then God smiled and handed me my two boys. I am convinced He then sat back and said, "show me, tara".

okay, God. I now know that I know nothing. nada. zilch. Im an idiot. please help me keep my boys alive and mentally unscathed for as long as possible.


oh, and to the precious women of my sons school and staff members that my husband works with at church, my 5 1/2 year old does not, "go to the boring school, the school of boring, who teach the language of 'blah, blah, blah' ". he really does love his school, he is trying to learn to make a humorous joke. On the way home, i discussed with him how it WASNT funny and suggested he start with 'why did the chicken cross the road?'

and walmart staff, i do NOT believe its appropriate, nor do i teach my son to pee in your fine parking lot.

apparently, this week i was low on humility.