Monday, September 19, 2011

ah, Sunday...

Sorry its been so long since Ive posted. My computer quit on me. Its still dead. I am hoping enough prayer and chanting will resurrect it but the outlook is bad. So, because I dont have my computer, and have just hijacked my husband's in order to post, I wont be posting any pictures this time. Sorry. However, I DO want to share something with you that I believe your imagination will suffice.
It turns out, that having three kids is very different that having two. or one. You see, three is MORE. It doesnt seem like alot more but let me tell you, it is. Here, I'll give you a glimpse of my yesterday.

Sunday was busy as all Sundays are. Church seems to do a number on my kids and they are cranky and tired when we get home. It lasts the entire day. day of rest. HA! and yesterday being Sunday, means it was a long tiring day. About dinner time (aka football time) I was begging Tim to help me feed the boys. They had begun to gnaw on the walls. Tim was right in the middle of watching a football game and was distracted to say the least. He did jump up to help as I was busy with the lovely but fuss bucket Cora. Tim scrounged for some food and found some staleish chips. Thats ok, the solution was throw them in the oven for a second to crispy them right up cause grocery shopping is out of the question.
Tim loads the chips up, puts them in our super high powered over achieving oven and heads back to the game.
I take the screamer to change her diaper. When i come back, the kitchen is covered in smoke. I start hollering and tim comes running and flings open the oven door and the flames come shooting out. All hell breaks loose, fire gets put out and the boys were thrilled. go figure.

Tim redoes dinner and puts the food in front of the boys and...... yep, heads back to the game. I am standing with Cora, waiting for the boys to finish. Next thing I know, Harris is at my legs grabbing me and panicking. My arms are full of Cora and being that I was standing on tile I didnt feel I could just put her down. I realized Harrison was choking and right about that time he turned to take off running. He was in a full panic. I grabbed him by the shirt with my one free hand and began screaming for tim while dragging him towards the room tim was in. When tim rounded the corner and saw mayhem he too panicked and began searching for benadryl. He thought my allergy baby was having an anaphylactic reaction. I hollered no! hes choking! and tim grabbed him and hit him resulting in the freeing of the object. All the while, poor Cora, had been along for the ride.

Three is harder but I am learning....