Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Our weight loss journey

Let me start by saying Ive really struggled with this post. Ive had tons of questions and people wanting to know more about what Tim and I have been doing regarding our weight loss but its always so hard for me because I get incredibly uncomfortable in the spot light. (i'll leave that to Tim!)
But I told myself when I reached the 40 lb loss mark Id post about our process.
So, (deep breath), here it is:

Most of you know in February, I thought Tim was going to have a baby. I found him pacing the floor, sweating, panting, and saying things I wont repeat. So, from my experience, that = baby coming soon.
After I told him that either he is about to have a baby or needs to get to the ER, he went.
Aaron (our ever present help) came to the rescue and took Tim to the ER while I found help to watch the kids. When the kids were all shuttled to helpful friends, I went to be with Tim in the hospital.
The Dr told me he would be there for 4-5 days, that he had pancreatitis. I wont say what I said but it wasn't pretty.
After a couple visits to the hospital and loads of tests we came to the conclusion he needed to get his triglycerides under control. He could possibly do that by controlling his weight or get his gall bladder out. We weren't sure if the weight control would work but we wanted to try.
Tim researched and found out about the Warrior Diet. He convinced me we should give it a try. So we did. We were on the warrior diet from February through June. In that time I lost 35 lbs and Tim lost 65 lbs. Since then, we've managed our calories and Tim added exercise. He now has a total loss of 76 lbs and Ive lost 40lbs.
Here are a couple before and after pictures: (cringe)

left: size 14 & 174lbs. right: size 6 & 134 lbs

on the left: size 14 & 180 lbs On Right: size 6 & 134 lbs

And here is Tim:

left: 253 lbs. size 42 pants right: 180 lbs size 34 pants

Tim has recently been doing an exercise program called tapout to strengthen and get in better shape.
I jog when I can.

here is both of us:

Here is the breakdown:
Tim- 253 lbs 6'2" tall size 42 pants
Tara-174lbs 5'5" tall size 14
Tim- 180 lbs 6'2" tall size 34 pants
Tara- 140 lbs 5'5" tall size 8
Tim- 177lbs. 6'2" tall size 32pants
Tara-134lbs 5'5" tall size 6

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My resting place

Sometimes when Im working I put my headphones in and listen to worship songs. Sometimes when I am listening, a line or lyric from a song just strikes me and I cant help but write it out.
Last night, it was this line:

Encouraging isnt it?

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Color Palettes from Marburger

I'm getting geared up and ready to head to Marburger Antique Show at the end of this month and Ive been working hard looking through photos and getting everything in order. I just love making color palettes for art and designing. The photos that come out of Marburger are stunning. So, every now and then I cant resist creating a palette out of them.

And just one more, the red poppy... be still my heart...

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Password Log

Occasionally I have odd thoughts that pop into my head and float around just to bug me. Recently, the thought, "oh crap. what if I die?" then, no, not, "what'll my kids do? or How will Tim make it?" or anything reasonable. It is, "oh crap. If I die, how in the hell fire will tim ever log on to any of my accounts? access the bank? our photos? oh good lord! facebook! how!!? will he ever figure my intricate and insane method of passwording all those sites?"
Never fear. I figured out what to leave him. just in case...
and I was thoughtful enough to put a verse on it. for when he's sobbing his eyes out and trying to access flickr.
Ive added a couple different versions for you to choose from. Feel free to download and print. Just click here. If you can I'd love a link credit.
And why chocolate chip cookies? Because I think about cookies all the time.
or blank because you doodle better than I do!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

there's a choice.

Things I cannot do:

1. turn a map in my head. I have to literally place it on the ground and step onto it to figure direction. Which, makes for a difficult mapquest session.

2. make a batch of unburned toast. I burn it. every. time. I can be staring at it with an oven mitt on. And.... burned.

3. kick a ball straight. nope. never. I'm that girl who would do better to pick it up and walk it over to you.

4. remember movies. I can actually sit through the same movie twice and be surprised at the ending. i am a very cheap date. just rent a movie. any movie. it'll be the first time through for me. :)

5. sit still for any length of time. I have tried. I have been forced. I just cannot. I have to wiggle my leg, or shift in my seat, or mess with someone next to me or make paper animals.... anything. just not sit perfectly still. So, after lots of jabs from my husband in church, Ive learned that if I take notes it helps.

Which brings me to the point of this post.

This last Sunday Brian (our pastor) did an incredible job presenting James 1. I don't know what exactly it is (other than the Holy Spirit) but the way he delivers a message is on point. Never contrived, judgemental, haughty, or prideful.

wanna see? check it out.

and here are the notes I made while desperately trying to sit still.

so this week, I'm choosing joy.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Oh for the love of banjo..

Most you know my husband sings for a living. I feel so blessed to get to sit in and listen/sing with his band during their practice/jam sessions. Sometimes they are so good I have to share. Sorry for the cell phone pic. I have to sneak pictures and recordings. :)
That's Tim on guitar and Aaron on banjo.