Sunday, February 23, 2014

Late to the party again.

Some people practice fire, tornado or earthquake drills. Here, in the Suel house, we practice vomit drills.

Here are the rules of vomiting:
In case of vomit, grab barf bag located at every bedside. Place over mouth. Proceed to nearest restroom. Help will come.
DO NOT: 1. panic. or 2. run around the entire house barfing in said panic or 3. run to sleeping cohabitants and barf on them.

I am serious. We run vomit drills because we have had four rounds of vicious stomach bugs and for the love of baby Moses, these stomach bugs insist on presenting after 10 pm but before 4 am. Every. Single. Time.

Because this cold/flu season has been especially brutal for us I decided to embrace my inner granola and do whatever it took to stop the madness. Every time we got sick the answer was the same from our doctor.

Doctor: "It's a virus."
Me: "But we've already had the virus."
Doctor: "This one is new"
Me: "That's not fair.We were fine with the one we had. We didn't want a new one."
Doctor: "Well, it's just another one of the countless viruses going around right now."
Me: "You mean to tell me the pits of hell produced armies of these viruses??!"
Doctor: "That'll be 90 bucks. Oh and the vomiting will probably continue for a couple more days."
Me: "Well, that's just precious."

Let me tell you. I am SO over viruses. So since there was no pill to make this madness stop I decided I'd research some natural answers to avoid this fresh hell.

I began researching essential oils. And I realized I knew nothing about this cultish world but I was ready to pledge my allegiance if it would ward off the barfs.

In order to learn everything I could, with the least amount of effort on my part, I called my most granola-holistic-sugar/gluten/dairy-free friend. She lives in phoenix because of course she does.

I called her and she talked me through how essential oils worked. I took notes on carrier oils and diffusing oils and immune boosting oils. She informed me the "thieves" essential oil was great for immunity. It got it's name over 600 years ago when four thieves put a secret blend of oils on themselves to protect themselves from the plague as they robbed the dead and dying. And it worked for them. I mean seriously??! I'm in.  

So I began researching online the list of oils I could buy and what they did. I saw all kinds, rosemary oil, peppermint oil, coconut oil, and as I was scanning the list my eyes stopped on one and I couldn't breathe.

I couldn't believe my eyes. First, let me say this: I know I am late to this party. I am forever late to the party, but I had NO idea you could purchase oils and that they had medicinal applications. But as I read and reread what my mind could not process I saw it. I saw that you could purchase Frankincense and Myrrh.

Frankincense and Myrrh were purchasable from a company who harvested only organic, wild growing, pure plants. This was as close to the oils used during biblical times as we could get.

Let me pause to say when I read the wise men brought Frankincense and Myrrh to Jesus I don't know what I thought. Maybe it was incense on a stick that could be burned and smell good. Some sort of nice expensive smell offering. I. have. no. reasoning. here. I just ran past that and pictured incense on sticks, I guess.

But when I saw that it was an essential oil used for anything from skin diseases to infections and it was prized and expensive it clicked. I realized this was an expensive gift given to Jesus.

So as my heart pounded out of my chest I knew one thing: I know a mother's heart, and if I know Mary, I know she used these oils on Jesus. She knew Jesus was special. The angels told her. The wise men told her. But not only special, He was her baby. So I know, at some point, Mary put Frankincense on Jesus. I know she must have in a secret, quiet, mother moment, put a drop or two on him as an offering, or a protection, and if for only a day or even just an hour, Jesus must have smelled like Frankincense.

I ordered it immediately. My hands shook. I couldn't think of anything else for days waiting for it to arrive. Then two days later the package arrived. I walked up to it sitting on the doorstep. Slowly I picked it up and went inside.

I knew what it was. I told the children to go. I told them to go play, mommy needed to smell Jesus.

I opened the package and I unscrewed the bottle and I smelled it. I couldn't stop the tears. Literally I felt my spirit jump inside me and I inhaled the wood, earth, clean, organic smell. It smelled like a carpenter.

I just sat down and cried. I just know at some point Jesus smelled like this. I thought of my friend who had lost her precious baby son and I thought, oh, she needs to know what her baby smelled as Jesus held her baby when he went to heaven.

I hoped that Jesus still smelled like that and I imagined my dad inhaling the smells of heaven as he entered in.

I long for heaven in a way that makes me want to just get a glimpse, a whiff, a sense of anything going on there.

I still have work here that has to be done. But oh how it helps when I find myself longing to be with Jesus to just get out my treasured hidden bottle of Frankincense and imagine Mary putting these oils on her baby.

And if you were wondering, since we started diffusing and applying thieves and onguard oils, we haven't been sick.

Just sayin'. Maybe those wise men were wise.

~for tristie.


Kimberly Ginnings said...

THIS IS BEAUTIFUL! I'm about to buy me some right now! This was how I felt at the Sea of Galilee when I knew this was where Jesus spent His time and sat and prayed and talked to His friends! What a cool blogpost!

Also, I love oils. :)

joy said...

WOW! Thank you!

Tyne said...

I love this! So glad we are on this journey together, bc honestly, I was soooo over the viruses too.