About me

HI! My name is Tara and I am a crazed housewife, mom to two incredible boys and a beautiful baby girl.

I am a wife to a VERY talented and sexy mucisian. He plays and sings in all different venues but mostly at church.

He is the worship leader for Grace Bible Church in College Station, Texas.
Since I am the wife of the worship leader I know the bible forwards and backwards and am always good.


I struggle to find most books in the bible while looking like I know exactly what I am doing and most often I find myself trying to hide from the general public.

Neither of those things make me your picture perfect worship leader wife. But, he keeps me.

I live in the city but pretend I am on 600 acres in the country.
I have chickens in my backyard and am considering a chandelier for their coop.

I take pictures of my outfits and text them to my sisters' anytime I have to go anywhere public to get their approvals. Its wierd and tied to my mild agoraphobia. And I cant be trusted when left to my own style opinions.

I work for Marburger Farm Antique Show, my family and a good laugh.

Sarcasm is essential in life.

You can contact me anytime: (just do it by email or I might run) :)
my email address is: